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Membership Agreement

Membership Terms & Conditions (Ref. Shree Jagannatha Temple UK (City of BATH ) Articles of Association clause 27 & 28 )

Becoming a member
  • The subscribers to the Memorandum are the first members of the Company.
  • Such other persons as are admitted to membership in accordance with the Articles shall be members of the Company.
  • No person shall be admitted a member of the Company unless he or she is approved by the Directors.
  • Every person who wishes to become a member shall deliver to the Company an application for membership in such form (and containing such information) as the Directors require and executed by him or her.
  • Membership is open to any individual over the age of eighteen years.
  • ANYONE CONVICTED BY THE COURT OF LAW IN UK OR ELSEWHERE for a serious impending criminal offense may not be a member of this association.
Following type of membership is available:

Life Time Core Membership: This category of members are the formidable leaders of this journey to build the first and one of its kind Shree Jagannatha Temple in the City of BATH, United Kingdom.

This type of membership has been offered to those persons, who have decided to set-up a standing order to the CIC account not less than £1.25/month. This membership is valid for life and will be automatically UPGRADED to premium membership once the main temple is built & operational. The members will be entitled to receive a welcome letter and a small token as a gift. The members will also be entitled to receive ( on a yearly basis) ‘Prasadam (sacred offerings) from Shree Khetra Dham, Puri. This membership entitles a family the opportunity to lay one of the foundation bricks of the main temple. This membership covers a family of up to 2 adults and any children under the age of 18.

Termination of membership

Membership is not transferable to anyone else.

Membership is terminated if:

  • The member dies or ceases to exist;
  • Otherwise in accordance with the Articles; or
  • At a meeting of the Directors at which at least half of the Directors are present, a resolution is passed resolving that the member be expelled on the ground that his or her continued membership is harmful to or is likely to become harmful to the interests of the CIC. Such a resolution may not be passed unless the member has been given at least 14 Clear Days‟ notice that the resolution is to be proposed, specifying the circumstances alleged to justify expulsion, and has been afforded a reasonable opportunity of being heard by or of making written representations to the Directors. A member expelled by such a resolution will nevertheless remain liable to pay to the CIC any subscription or other sum owed by him or her.
  • The member resigns by written notice to the CIC.
  • Any membership fee due from the member to the CIC is not paid in full by the renewal date. ( A grace period of no more than 6 weeks can be provided at the Board of Directors discretion at the payment of re-joining fee to be decided by the Board of Directors from time to time)
  • THE MEMBER HAS BEEN CONVICTED BY A COURT OF LAW IN UK OR ABROAD for any serious criminal offence

Shree Jagannatha Temple in United Kingdom is a Religious, Charitable, Non-profit and Community Interest Company registered in England & Wales ( Number12730462 ) 

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