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“Jagannatha Swamy Nayana Path Gami Bhavatu Me” 

Maha Prabhu Shree Jagannatha, the lord of the universe, the whole world kneels before you. Having faith in you and surrendering to you is the only way to attain Moksha. Jai Jagannatha! “ 

Each one of us has our reasons to visit a temple, the occasions to visit a temple and offer prayers to the gods we feel close to. Some go for solace, some to seek answers, some for the positive energy, some for quiet and peace, and some because it is simply a way of life!

For many of us, a regular visit to the temple has been an integral part of growing up, of bonding with friends, of celebrating festivals. Seeking God’s blessings in happiness and in sorrow, whether it be a birth in the family, a marriage or the loss of a dear one. We go to the temple, to re-affirm our belief that all that happens is part of God’s plan! 

Devotees of Shree Jagannatha have a long-standing desire that our community needs a specific venue for faith and cultural activities, in an accessible location in UK. A place that can be part of our daily lives, for our families, children and elderly to pray, meet, celebrate and learn! 

We now have the opportunity to create such a place and acquire a potential location for the temple. Like all great temples in India and elsewhere, bringing this task to fruition will completely depend on active participation and financial support from all of us – hence this appeal.  

* In return for your valuable contribution all donors will receive a Shree Jagannatha holy souvenir and personal gratification letter. 


Note – This image is a representation of the concept and not the actual design.

Shree Jagannatha Temple UK is a Charitable, Non-Profit and Community Interest Organisation, run by contribution and donation in cash and kind of philanthropic individuals and associations. On behalf of the community we all appreciate your generous support, and you may choose any of the following methods to send in your contribution.

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