About Shree Jagannatha Temple UK

Our aim is to build a Shree Jagannatha New Temple which will be the hub of enhancing spiritual, cultural, social and physical growth based on Hindu (Sanatana dharma) principles of duty towards family and society. Hindu worshippers across the United Kingdom regardless of class, caste, or sector and provide volunteer services to the local authorities and communities during pandemic or epidemic 



A spiritual hermitage in green valleys of the mountains where you can see millions of stars at night.

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Our community is actively involved in the life of locals that require humanitarian support on a regular basis.


We appreciate your contribution to the donation programs and will happily accept any help we can get.


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Intriguing And Unexplained Mysteries of Jagannath Temple You Must Know About

  1. Needless to say, things float in the direction of the wind. However, in Jagannath Temple, you can see the opposite. The flag attached to the top of the temple, for some weird reason, always floats in the opposite direction of the wind. This is something definitely beyond the reach of science.
  2. There is a Chakra atop the temple. It weighs a ton and is located at a height of 20 feet. Its positioning is such that no matter where you are in Puri, you will find the Chakra facing towards you. There may be some engineering mystery behind this but that is unknown yet.
  3. The site of the Jagannath temple has never been declared as a no-fly zone. Still, for some strange reason, no birds or planes fly above the temple. Some attribute this phenomenon to the divine force. 
  4. Irrespective of the number of devotees visiting the temple, the quantity of the Prasadam remains the same throughout the year and yet nothing goes wasted or insufficient.
  5. To cook Prasadam, 7 pots are used and placed one on top of another. What’s intriguing about this technique of cooking is that irrespective of the ingredients in the pots, those in the pot placed on top will get cooked first.

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“Jagannatha Swamy Nayana Path Gami Bhavatu Me” 

Maha Prabhu Shree Jagannatha, the lord of the universe, the whole world kneels before you. Having faith in you and surrendering to you is the only way to attain Moksha. Jai Jagannatha! “ 

Each one of us have our reasons to visit a temple, the occasions to visit a temple and offer prayers to the gods we feel close to. Some go for solace, some to seek answers, some for the positive energy, some for quiet and peace and some because it is simply a way of life!  


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